Dark Side Of IAS Coaching in Delhi

Dark Side Of IAS Coaching centre in Delhi

 IAS officer post is among the most prestigious and exciting jobs that demand attention and respect of all. Especially in India, IAS officers are showered with great admiration and love from the citizen. Hence educational efficiency plays a factor to establish oneself in this world, and to create a mark in society, and to keep one’s head held high with dignity. Therefore, different coaching centres are set -up to uphold the educational standards of various students. In this article, we are going to discuss the Dark Side Of IAS Coaching centre in Delhi.

IAS exam is a competitive exam prevalent in India and is certainly not a walk in a park. It is hard to achieve success. Hence, many governments authorized and private coaching centres have emerged in benefitting the students who are willing to pursue this particular field. But, it has been noted that Delhi involves several unjust practices in the name of IAS coaching. Given below are some pointers in this aspect.

The Dark Side Of IAS Coaching Centre In Delhi

High Tuition Fees

The IAS coaching centres are charging high fees. Since it is an educational sector, people end up investing an enormous amount of money without checking the authenticity and reviews of the coaching. Therefore, they find it hard to cope up with the economic loss. Moreover, these days education is more of a business and less of anything else. Parents always want their children to be an accepted member of society, and taking advantage of their emotions, these coaching centres find ways to draw more and more money in the name of education. Middle class and weaker class candidates do not get to enjoy such privileges of coaching centres because they cannot afford the high fees. They somehow step back and learn to live without their dream of cracking IAS exams.

Psychological Impact 

IAS exam is considered to very prestigious exam to clear for any person, therefore, many students fall into an obsession to clear the exam. Student health may suffer if he or she is unable to crack the exam even after working hard and studying for long hours. Some students also experience suicidal tendencies if they face continuous failure in clearing the IAS exam or are unable to handle the pressure of clearing the exam. Such psychological impact of clearing IAS can prove fatal for aspiring students.

Lack Of Managerial Values

In several IAS coaching centres, the teachers are professional and impart their knowledge professionally. As a result of which the educational needs of students do not get fulfilled. The IAS aspirants fail to cope up and, in the end, the coaching institutes are more benefitted than the aspirants. It is a disadvantage for aspirants and the biggest scam in IAS coaching. The teachers do not put enough effort to tutor the students in the given niche. They lack the energy to develop the student’s academic abilities associated with zero discipline and administration. Delhi, as an emerging city, faces these kinds of problems regularly.

Lack Of Assesscibilty Of Knowledge

With the digital shift of education and online classes, the weaker class students lag as they do not have adequate means. These economically lower-class students who live in remote places do not possess a computer or laptop with a good internet connection making online classes out of their reach.  Therefore online lessons, lectures, or the material is unaffordable for them. Another problem with the digital shift is the poor internet connection due to the geographical location in different parts of the country. Some places within the country experience slow internet connection, making it difficult for the student to stay focus and attentive during online class and not missing out on vital information given by the mentors.

Teachers Reluctance For Tutoring Candidates

Though these IAS coaching centers in Delhi have acquired enormous popularity, however, the frauds are induced in the name of education cannot be overlooked. The teachers do not contribute to the problem-solving procedures of the students. They just remain idle and pretend to put in efforts. Several ex-students of different IAS coaching institutes have also remarked that the teachers are very reluctant. The students only go there to waste their time. The total money gets wasted, and the return is next to zero. Delhi has been pinpointed for its frauds several times, as stated by news reporters. In other cities, the number of scams is comparatively less.

Expensive Living

Another disadvantage of taking IAS coaching centres in Delhi is living expenses. Delhi is known to be the most crowded, and it is the capital of India, where living expenses are high. The high living expenses cannot be afforded by the aspirants who come from small towns and cities of India. Although some IAS coaching does provide for housing facilities, they are either expensive or lack proper amenities for the aspirant.

Excessive Distraction Of Study Materials

There is a lot of hype around the study material, and different coaching centres provide a variety of books and extensive study materials for their students. However, sometimes the study material and books provided by the coaching centre are so expansive that an IAS can’t complete it on time for the IAS exam. Students are forever running to acquire such material and collect as much study material they can have access to that they forget to concentrate on the main motive that is clearing the exam.

Thus, to conclude, this article contains all the different hindrances that prevail in the IAS preparation from IAS coaching in Delhi. Delhi has been regularly in the headlines because of the various consumer frauds, financial frauds, bank frauds, etc. The city also has some IAS coaching centres that provide no educational value or guidance to the student but charge a high fee in the name of quality services. Therefore it is of utmost importance that you conduct proper research and time to ensure that the IAS coaching that you have opted for provides value-added services and quality teaching without burning a hole in your pocket. Delhi is a developed city full of life and offers excellent resources for achieving your dream of becoming an IAS officer.