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IAS Coaching Review
ias coaching review delhi

ALS IAS Academy Delhi Review:-

ALS IAS Academy Delhi Subjectwise Reviews:-

  • Polity: Polity is taught by Jojo Mathews and Manish Gautam and I must say that they deliver it really well. The best thing is that they teach it from both mains and prelims point of view (which is how it should be taught ideally).
  • Economics: Economics is taught by Mr. Arunesh Singh Chauhan, I call him a legend! I did my graduation from St Xavier’s College (Kolkata), which is considered to be one among the best colleges in India but I must say that whatever I learned about the Indian economy from Arunesh sir’s classes was much more than what I learned in six semesters combined!
  • History: It is taught by Mr. Krishna Reddy (KKR), he is an expert storyteller. You would really love his classes.
  • Ethics: It is taught by Mr. KM Pathi. He too is a good teacher, he gives you around 21 classes for ethics!

Problems: ALS IAS Academy Delhi and its Reviews:-

  • Too many classes mean too little time for self-study (if you are planning to crack civils in 3–4 years, then it won’t be an issue for you).
  • Way many classes mean too much unnecessary junk being injected into your head.
  • For example, when ISIS was in news, Jojo sir took almost 2 hrs to explain in detail – what are Islam and all the descendants of the Prophet (and all the first-timers/freshers were unnecessarily jotting down each and every word uttered by him). That wasn’t required at all!
  • Excessive junk means no priority, at the end of the year when you take out your class notes for revision, it would be like an encyclopedia (with multiple volumes).

Courses Offered by ALS IAS Academy Delhi and its Reviews

  • General Studies by ALS IAS Academy Delhi and its Reviews :- It is an extremely dynamic component in the entire scheme of Civil Services Examination. It deals with diverse subject matter that is constantly evolving in tune with new developments. Through the constant effort of the ALS Onlive Team, GS Course has been upgraded and enriched in response to the rapidly changing needs. Through its unique, step-wise and scientific approach, ALS Onlive has near perfected the Civil Services requisites for General Studies. Along with General Studies we also have meticuously designed program for CSAT.
  • GS Strategist Online Course with GS kit by ALS IAS Academy Delhi and its Reviews:- This comprehensive program consists of 25 large and small modules, catering to Preliminary Exam (GS Paper I and CSAT Paper II); Mains Exam (GS Paper I, II, III, IV, ESSAY, Compulsory English) and Personality Test.
  • GS Strategist Online Course without GS kit by ALS IAS Academy Delhi and its Reviews:- This comprehensive program consists of 25 large and small modules, catering to Preliminary Exam (GS Paper I and CSAT Paper II); Mains Exam (GS Paper I, II, III, IV, ESSAY, Compulsory English) and Personality Test. Downloadable study material for every session.
  • Polity Module by ALS IAS Academy Delhi and its Reviews :- This module caters to the need of Indian Polity, Constitution and Governance in Preliminary Paper I and GS Paper II of Main Exam. It also helps in creating an opinion on diverse topics for the Personality test. A through understanding of Indian Polity helps in writing a powerful and scoring essay as well.Current Affairs ModuleCurrent Affairs has become crucial element of one’s preparation for Civil Services Examination. It plays a key role in Preliminary as well as Main examination.
  • Current Affairs Course by ALS IAS Academy Delhi and its Reviews :- It is one of the most sought-after courses and is highly recommended by successful candidates.Public Administration Optional Online CourseKeeping in mind that Public Administration is one of the most sought-after Optional subjects in UPSC Mains exam, this program is designed to comprehensively cover theoretical dimensions of Paper I with the applied aspects of Paper II.
  • History Optional Online Course by ALS IAS Academy Delhi and its Reviews:- History is among one the most popular optional subject for Civil service mains exams. The subject has dual benefits both in UPSC prelims and mains. To make you journey successful and sailing, we provide an excellent support system to aspirants for History Optional.

ALS IAS Academy Delhi Reviews by Students

” I think while attending classes at ALS, the friendships I forged helped me understand my competition and how others prepare and for the kind of support one needs. ALS is so organized with teaching to complete almost the entire syllabus. The GS course was well-organized and categorized for easy completion, retention, and recall. I gained my foundation from this Institute and that helped me later. “
Johny Tom Verghese
I was a student of ALS Satellite Centre, Lucknow Branch. I found teaching really helpful to guide me through the process of my preparation for the UPSC examination. I am highly indebted to Manish sir and Jojo sir for the invaluable guidance they provided. And I thank the entire team of ALS for the support during my preparation.
Dr. Preeti
” I consulted my senior Anupama TV and she told me about ALS. Even she was very impressed by the Test Module at ALS. So trusted her blindly and I joined ALS. I never doubted my decision because it really helped me. In my first attempt, I was able to score good marks in Mains and it was all because of whatever directions I got from my teachers at ALS. “
” The important thing about ALS is that it always gives you more than promised, whether it is in terms of hours, lectures, books, etc. I got unconditional support from ALS. One thing which is special about ALS is that the classes are so lively and entertaining, with little stories that stick around in your mind and you tend to remember a lot of current affairs, making it easy to recall. “
Shubham Choudhary
” I did my graduation from IIT Bombay in Aero Space Engineering. This was my fourth attempt and I got 89th rank. I would like to thank the whole ALS team for guiding me which was essential for my success. I especially thank Manish Gautam sir, Shashank Atom sir, and Jojo Mathew sir for their expert guidance. It was really helpful for me to score the highest marks in GS. “
Savan Kumar

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