BPCL Exam – Preparation Tips


BPCL exam is standing for Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited is a reputed oil marketing company which comes under the public sector. This company recruits students with the right attitude and skill to various vacancies available. Their recruitment process has a written test, group discussion, and interview.

Tips for every round for the BPCL exam & placement.

BPCL Placement Test Preparation Tips.

Candidates who aspire to clear the placement test should refer to sample question papers available on the internet.

Thus they will get acquainted with the exam pattern. R.S. Agarwal’s Quantitative Aptitude book is one of the best books for practicing aptitude questions. Candidates should brush up their knowledge about the academic subjects to perform well in the Part II section.

BPCL Placement Group Discussion Preparation Tips

Most of the topics given in the group discussion will be related to the current scenario in various fields. Candidates should read magazine and newspapers to acquaint with the current happenings in each field. Thus they can make up the key points related to the topic during the group discussion.

If the candidates possess enough points about the topic, then the confidence to start the discussion will automatically arise in them. If the candidates do not have any key points about the topic, then it is better to listen to what others talk about that topic.

This will help them to get an idea of the topic. They should express their opinion at the right time after developing the right idea about the topic

BPCL Placement Interview Preparation Tips

Candidates should brush up their technical knowledge before attending the interview.

It is better to visit various web portals which deal with placement matters. Interview questions of the various companies will be posted and discussed on those web portals. Candidates should show confidence while giving the answers