Why MBA from a Top College or IIM

When you have decided to do an MBA, and get into the management side of things, it only makes sense to aspire to enter the top most institute rather than aim low and take on a lackadaisical approach. Wondering whether to choose between a regular MBA or an IIM should not even be an option if you want the best for yourself. Why exactly should you focus on doing an MBA from a top B school like IIM and what is the difference between that and a regular MBA from any other college, will be examined within this article.

Make your Last the Best

The foremost thing to note is that an MBA will typically be the last qualification you have in your life unless you change your career track. Hence it becomes one last opportunity to mark the kind of educational profile you will hold. If you have an IIM attached to your name it takes care of a lot of things and gives you a huge advantage and boost over others. If you are trying to get into a management school, aim at IIM. Don’t compromise now or you will likely be confined to an average academic profile and your perception in the professional world will also be different.

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It’s all about the Exposure

The kind of learning and exposure an IIM will give you will be vastly different from what you get at a normal college. An IIM is bound to give you a more defining and notable peer group who will most likely challenge and encourage you intellectually pushing you to do your best, which will not only be good enough during your student times but also aid you professionally through the years.

The kind of careers IIM pass-outs are likely to have is also vastly different and more notable than the kind pass-outs from private MBA colleges would have and this is all because of the learning curve IIMs are more prone to offer. These are institutes likely to offer you with a strong peer group with different, evolved thought processes and giving you tough competition which will only push you to do your best.

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Money Matters

An MBA or an IIM-MBA will determine the kind of packages and salary structures you can expect. Typically, a regular MBA college pass-out could get a starting package of 6 lacs per annum while an IIM-MBA graduate could expect a starting package of 20 lacs per annum. Consider to this an annual growth of anything between 10% to 20th and the vast differences in the growth potential would be visible to anyone. While initially you may believe money isn’t important but in the long run when you note your IIM peers doing much better than yourself it is bound to affect.

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