6 amazing cartoons we all watched growing up

School was undoubtedly the best times of our lives. And once school was over the party began, well not the kind of parties we have now. But one that made us forget about everything and got us glued to the television set. That’s right the party with our favorite cartoon characters. Whether we were late for tuition or had to do some homework, the super awesome cartoon shows could not be missed. Here is a list of cartoons we all watched growing up.

1) Pokemon

“Gotta Catch ‘em All….Pokemon!” Man, this tune is something we can never forget. Everyday sharp at 5 pm, Pokemon would come on TV and we would go crazy. And the trend didn’t stop there, we also had Pokemon cards that we religiously played. Recently the android game ‘Pokemon Go’ made us so nostalgic that most of us were on the streets collecting Pokemons. This cartoon has tons of memories attached to it. I am sure you had a favorite Pokemon too!

2) Tom & Jerry

Well of course the classic. There is not a single cartoon that can beat ‘Tom & Jerry’. Since the time we were toddlers till the time we became teenagers, Tom & Jerry was the cartoon to watch. In fact there are some episodes we can never forget. This show played an integral part in our childhood.

3) Scooby Doo

Scoooby Dooobieee Doooooo….Where Are you?. I am sure none of you can forget this epic title track. And I am also sure you sang it in the tune while you read it. And why not, Scooby Doo and gang solved so many mysteries and always managed to make us laugh. With Shaggy always being hungry and Scooby somehow always managing to find food.

4) Dexter’s Laboratory

We never missed an episode of Dexter’s Laboratory. With his complicated experiments and whacky sister, Dexert’s Lab was one cartoon that was always super fun to watch. In fact I don’t think any of us would mind watching an episode right away.

5) Ducktales

Uncle Scrooge and his nephews, dove in those heaps of gold coin. Wow! That made us want to jump in too. The shenanigans of the nephews were always making uncle scrooge angry. And how we rolled with laughter every time they made some mischief and uncle Scrooge got super mad.

6) Powerpuff Girls

PowerPuff….ta nan a na naaa…. I don’t think we can ever forget the title song of this cartoon. Blossom, Bubbles and Buttercup were our super heroes. A day without power puff girls seemed so incomplete when we were kids. Just the thought of watching that cartoon again takes me back to my childhood days. No matter which school we went too or where we lived, these cartoons were an integral part of our growing up days. Just by reading these names, we can fall back into the beautiful sea of nostalgia, where the only trouble was ‘a bad cable network’ Read Next – These easy to learn skills can help you earn more than your peers

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