What Are Different Types Of Advertising?

Types of Advertising

There are many ways to do advertising but what you say in advertising is more important than how you say it.

Now a day’s advertising has evolved into a complex form of communication, with thousands type of different ways for a business to get a message from the consumers.

Today advertisers have a variety of choices to advertise the business.

Advertisers implement a variety of media tactics to reach out to their customers.

Let’s discuss the 5 most important advertising types in today’s market.

5 Different Types Of Advertising.

1. Social Media Ads

As we all know that Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, and pretty much all social media sites offer relatively inexpensive advertising.

Where else the paid social media ads are the kind of advertisement that deals with reaching your target audience with how much you pay adjusted to how many see it and engage with it.

However, there is another type of advertising which is known as organic social media ads. These are the kind of advertisement that generates lots of word-of-mouth where you don’t pay anything for advertising and which is mostly used in the industry.

2. Radio and Podcasts

The most common way of advertising is verbal promotion however, this type of advertising can be a frequent part of radio or podcast shows.

Radio Podcasting

Verbal promotion is the most common way of advertising the content of your product and services.

You must have already use the traditional form of ad recorded in your past.

Today people like podcasts as it targets the audience who has subscribed to your station and likes to listen to what you have.

3. Direct Mail Advertising

This type of advertising is the most effective way of showcasing your services and product details.

It simply means that mail your creative piece message directly to your consumer (B2B) or (B2C).

This is a type of technique that has been in the advertising industry for a very long time and it still continues to be the most fantastic and easy way to engage with the customers or clients.

4. Video Ads

Video ads platform

A lot of people watch online videos every day because of which the advertising on this platform is an easy way to engage with your audience.

On this digital technology, you can create a short video and post it on your social media where millions of audiences are available.

For example sites like YouTube, Hulu and blogs have a huge audience and it’s a good platform for business.

The industry experts from the agencies use professional video ad tools as well as the in-house team use the same.

5. Event Marketing

This is the last but the most important type of advertising.

Event Marketing is the marketing of brand, service, or product which is conducted through promotional events that are experimental.

Many corporate companies use this type of advertising to conveys their content through the process of storytelling.

This type of advertising function purely towards B2B where it provides an opportunity to serve more business contact and network customers.


If you want to gather more audience then use these basic types to advertise your business.

Remember without an advertisement, you will not able to run your business for a longer period.

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