What Are Some Popular Tools Used In Digital Marketing?

Popular tools in digital marketing

If you want your business should achieve the particular goals and scale in a faster way then you have to use the most popular tools in Digital Marketing.

These days, there are many tools available in marketing because of which a lot of people get confused between them. Every new tool requires a particular time and money, and if you picked up a wrong one then it will be a waste of energy and money.

There are some popular tools in digital marketing which you should know before working as a Marketing Profesional.

Here are the 5 best digital marketing tools for 2020:

1. Design Tools

Design tools like Canva, Photoshop, and Coral are the most used tools in the digital marketing profession. These tools help the agencies to show their creativity.

Blogs, Ads, or content in Social media posts are the most common platforms where these popular tools are used.

Graphic Designing software

Digital Marketing is the field was thinking out of the box with your creativity, ideas and skills play an important role along with these popular tools.

2. Analytic Tools

Another popular and most used tools are Analytical tools in digital marketing.

These include the most effective tools like Twitter insights, Google Analytics, Facebook insights, SumoMe, Ubersuggest, Yoast, etc. These help the marketers to optimize their campaign which provides the metrics of engagement.

Analytical tool

Though this analytical tools for digital marketing will allow you to analyze each account as a unique entity, and devising different strategies for each social media platform.

3. Social Media Platforms

In any integrated marketing strategy, the most common part is social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat are a great way to engage the audience around their popular brands.

Social media platform tools.

Social media tools are popular with digital marketing professionals around the globe.

These popular digital marketing tools offer scheduling, collaboration, reporting features, and social monitoring for freelancers and agencies.

4. Email Marketing Tools

These tools are very popular and common in the digital marketing world.

These help marketers to create their email campaigns that show their relevant content and encourage the users to become more engaged with their brand.

The common email marketing tools include email marketing platforms such as MailChimp and Iterable which allow the marketers to build their own email lists and automate their email campaigns.

These popular tools used in digital marketing also have some additional long lists such as flashyapp, Hatchbuck, HubSpot Sales, and Omnisend.

By providing analytics and optimization quickly and easy these tolls have become the most usable one for every email campaign.

5. Content Marketing Tool

Content Marketing

The final set of popular tools in a digital marketer’s toolbox is Content Marketing Tool. These tools are a fast way to share anything you’re reading.

On these popular digital marketing tools, you can personalize your links with themes, colors, logos, and more, making it a great way to increase conversions.

These tools can help marketers to identify the content opportunities and craft engaging blog and social media posts as a professional which will resonate with their audience.

For example Buffer, Snip ly, Feedly, CoSchedued, and Hubspot. These are some popular tools used in Digita Marketing.


Once you know what the best digital marketing tools for 2020 are then you can take your business at a good height.

What’s your favorite Digital Marketing tool? And which is the most popular tool in the market? Type your answers in the below mention comment section.

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