How Does Google Ranking Works?

How google ranking works?

Indeed, Google, the most widely used search engine on the earth today, is the biggest area of opportunity for businesses and organizations. Ranking top in google SERPs has become vital in today’s market. Digital marketers and business owners need to understand all too well how important search rankings are to the success of a company’s content. Organic traffic is the top inbound channel marketers strive to increase. So, it’s very easy to say now why digital marketers considered the first page of Google, to be the holy grail. So, to rank any webpage on google, we need to know how does Google’s ranking process works?

Why Ranking Top Is Important?

Search engine ranking is an inevitable asset today. Ranking on top of the Google SERPs determines more authenticity and trust to a website, which are obvious elements for more relevant leads and traffic. However, in order to give your business a respectable image among the customers, it’s important to make your website rank among the first ten web results.

But, the question that comes next is, how does Google rank websites? and how to get at the top? here is the brief world of how Google ranking works?

How Does Google Ranking Works?

Search engines are loaded with a vast amount of information, to rank on Google is no easy feat and pretty much impossible without some help. That is where the Google rankings systems come in. google’s ranking systems are made a whole series of algorithms. To know how Google ranking works it’s important to know how Google sees a webpage.

The algorithm is designed to sort through the billions of web pages in the engine and find the most relevant and useful results to display. An algorithm is the set of rules, which determines the order in which they rank the page.


Google crawls the webpage using a code called a ‘spider’ or ‘google bots’. It is a small program that follows links from one page to the next. Each page these spiders lands on is copied and passed on to the main servers on google. They work in a very specific way, discovering new pages, by hopping from link to link. Also, if your content is not linked to it won’t get indexed.


An index is a huge database of all the content Google has crawled and deem good enough to serve up to any query. There are billions of webpages in google, to provide the best results, Google creates an index after searching through all web pages. Common words such as ‘and’, ‘the’, ‘if’ are known as stop words, and are not stored in these google database. While dealing with billions of pages indexing becomes an important consideration.


Retrieval is basically when the search engine gets a query, it looks over its index database and retrieves a pool of results that are most relevant to that search query or keywords. When any query is made a google searches its indexed pages and When it has found all the relevant ones, it will retrieve it out of its database and proceed to rank.


The process of providing the most relevant search results for any query is known as ranking. The ordering of search results is by most relevant to least relevant for any particular query. For ranking, google uses a set gear of rules called “Ranking Algorithms”. Here are certain factors that decide how Google ranking works. However, knowing how Google ranking works and using it can tremendously boot any business digitally

Factors That Help Your Search Ranking

How google ranking works?

How Google ranking works is not always clear, and predictable but, there are many strategies and techniques inside that can be used. There are over 200 known factors that makeup Google’s entire ranking algorithm. Here are some of the important things search engines take into account the most when ranking top in SERPs.

Quality Content

A big part of determining where your page will rank for a given query is how well the content on your page, it includes video, image content, and of course, text. Google in order to maintain and improve search quality, never compromises with the quality of the content. Content quality is one of the most important factors that can influence your ranking. Target keyword search phrase in appropriate amount in headline, title, sub-headline, and the content’s body for better ranking.

Being Mobile-Friendly

Google might not rank a web page that is not responsive or user friendly. Even if it has relevant and top quality content. Web pages that are user-friendly, or optimized for the better mobile experience, get better treatment from the search engine giant.

High-Quality Backlinks

One of the most popular ways to define the quality of a web page is, how much prominent websites link to that particular web page. Backlinking is known as incoming or inbound links. Theses are the links to your website from other sites on the search engine. Furthermore, ensuring that links on your website are linking to relevant keyword and content relevant pages. It will boosts domain authority, which is key to ranking websites in Google SERPs.

Domain Authority

The strength of your site’s heritage is called its domain authority. A good domain authority factors include Age of your domain, Total number of links, Popularity of your domain, and Size of your domain search engines. Google values a site that has been well maintained and has been existing for a while.

On-Page SEO

On-page SEO means how well your site’s pages are optimized for search engine rankings. Also, there are several crucial elements that each page should consider if you want to increase the readability and quality of a page’s content for ranking top in google. SEO is a vital factor in listing how Google ranking works.

Title tags are the title, which is seen on search engine results pages directly above the URL or on the page’s tab. Also, title tags need to be clear and reflective of the content on a particular webpage. The same thing with header tags, they appear as the headlines and subheadlines on pages.
However, Search engines specifically prefer sites with URLs that are clean and include keywords. Its good to uses the title in the URL to strengthen your ranking. Alt image tags should also include keywords even which is the text displayed if an image fails to load.

Factors That Hurt Your Search Ranking

There are a number of factors that can cause webpages ranking to take a plunge. These are Keyword Stuffing, Duplicate Title Tags, Low-Quality Backlinks, Slow Loading Speeds, Lack of Internal Linking.


Ranking at the top of the first page of Google results is an excellent opportunity for any business. Knowing how Google ranking works and using it can tremendously boot any business digitally. Though getting to the top is hard, but staying on top is even harder. Put the customer first and offer a trustworthy, informative, and user-friendly website, this is what it takes to rank and stay at the top of Google SERPs.

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