Rollercoaster Life in College | What After College

All of us have experienced a rollercoaster at least once in our life. If not, we still know how thrilling and scary this experience can be. The beginning is a bit slow and steady but as the ride progresses, the momentum slowly builds creating a mixed feeling of anticipation and excitement. When the ride reaches its peak, it keeps you hanging for just a few seconds but those mere seconds may feel scary, stimulating and nauseating all at the same time. This is exactly how a college life is. It may feel steady at the beginning, you never know what’s coming next but you feel it’s going to be worth it. Just as the peak of the rollercoaster ride is the most amazing part of it, here are a few things that one should never miss out in college to feel the same energizing experience as a rollercoaster ride.

Lectures ≠ necessity

Lectures necessity

Lectures are the most monotonous hours of college life. You can never concentrate for more than 10-15 minutes, a change is always needed. So start by bunking your lectures! It may not sound moral, but hey! You’ve got nothing to lose right? Bunk a lecture and chill out with your friends in the canteen. Go grab a bite or a cutting chai from the nearest tapri. Or just sit in the library and read your favourite novel peacefully rather than dozing off during your lecture. Bunking classes may not seem like a clever idea but the fun and memories are always incomparable.

College fests- A network of ideas and experiences

College fests, A network of ideas and experiences

Participation in different activities,a high achievement profile and winning college fest titles is something that we all aim for. But at least once you should be a part of the organizing team of such fests as well. You may have to miss out on important lectures or may even fall short of attendance (something that every college student despises) but being a part of the organizing committee is a very enriching experience. You meet a lot of new people, lot of new ideas and you learn from their experiences and personalities. Even if you’re an introvert this is your chance to step out of your shell and  experience the things that will provide you with knowledge that could be cherished for a lifetime. Apart from learning, being in the organizing team gives you an exposure and helps you to network yourself and connect with a huge community.

Industrial visits and field trips

Industrial visits and field trips

No one can disagree with the fact that travelling with your clan is one of the most cherished memories of college life. Industrial visits or educational trips are less about education and more about going crazy with your college friends. Never miss out on this experience because it’s the only time when you’re not supervised by your parents and you can enjoy your days and nights to the fullest, but of course within its limits.

Trying out something new!

 Trying out something new

All of us have experienced the 2 am motivations where you suddenly feel like writing a poem, creating something new and inspiring or to just forget everything and go out on a long drive. Well, college is the time when you can definitely get a chance to fulfill your wishes. Try out something new and different that you’ve always wanted to, like learn to play a guitar, paint out your thoughts on a canvas or take up internship opportunities that come your way. They’re not only new but they also help you learn the tactics to survive in the corporate world.



As much fun and enjoyment college life gives you, it also helps you to learn. Not just the academic part, college shapes you to be unique. You not only learn from your teachers but also from your peers, experiences and most importantly from your mistakes. Mistakes are a part of life, but you would never be able to go back to square one after college. The only place where you can get away with making mistakes is college. Hence learning and adapting from your mistakes is the one thing that all of us should experience.

College life is exhausting, exhilarating, exciting and the most enthralling part of your life. It’s a ride that comes up with unplanned yet the equally wonderful and knowledgeable opportunities. In the end we only regret the chances we didn’t take. So make sure you fill your college life with these blocks of joy that would make a home for your memories for the rest your life.