Top three plagiarism tools for purifying online content

Plagiarism checker

People slave day and night over empty thoughts to finally muster enough courage to write and express themselves online. They articulate their thoughts into words that echo through the readers and express the joy and wonder you would expect. It is their right to express themselves and what they create are intellectual properties and as such the content rightfully belongs to them. Some people over the internet just copy the hard work of others for quick gains. This is called plagiarism. And

It’s a Big Problem!

People work hard for their content they make sure to stay away from other people’s works and create unique blogs and studies. Some people, on the other hand, are used to taking shortcuts in life and try to use that thinking to copy other people’s work without recognizing them. They even try to pass it off as their own work. This really disturbs the content creator and mostly the reader as it will demotivate content creators and sooner or later no new content would emerge leading to just people copying each other over and over again. 

We don’t want that!

That’s why we are going to list the top three online content plagiarism checkers for you. Check your work before posting so you don’t get called out for plagiarism. They are free and easy to use for all.

The top three on our line-up are 

  1. Write Check
  2. ProWritingAid
  3. Prepostseo

1. Write Check 

A very refined and sophisticated online content checker that is powered by Turnitin. The largest online database of studies and thesis. What more could you ask for? The checker works great for any type of online content you can use it to check casual blog paragraphs and even your research work with no fees in the free version. It does however have added functions with monthly payments that make it a ton better than the regular version. Some of these features are Grammar Check, Highlighted Matches, and Similarity Score. These all functions that don’t even exist in plain text editors.

What are these functions you ask?

These allow us to measure the overall readability of the article or blog the grammatical errors in the text and where it could be referenced. Basically, it tells you which areas you need improvement and which areas are fine. So, while making content do remember to log in and give a quick check to see where you stand. 

Awesome right! 

That’s not all the website also has a pricing mechanism for how many papers you can check out and you can give monthly payments for online tutors to help you improve in research areas or science studies if you want. It already has over a million registered users so a lot of people are already making use of it. Why don’t you try to one of the lucky few?


The second plagiarism checker on the list is just as good as the first. It might be even better for some people. Prowriting Aid is an all-rounder with over a billion online content library to reference from. The library is based on web pages, published work, and academic papers it’s one of the largest databases of plagiarism on the internet.

It isn’t just big it’s fast as well

The checker works super-fast with any kind of work. You can check report papers or even small or large blogs for any content similarities with ease. The checker is, of course, free but the other functions are locked behind some doors that take only money to open. It is very affordable compared to other online checkers in terms of pricing as well. You can get 100 checks for just 40 dollars. Affordability and great service aside it also has another trait that makes it a great service to use and that is security

Yes, you heard right security!

The main benefit of using this service is that it has written terms and conditions that prevent it from using the data you provide. Every time you check your content some online checkers save it and use it to resell to other companies for profit. The content you create with this plagiarism checker is locked behind an impenetrable wall so fell free and create and check as many times as you like. It is completely safe.

3. Prepostseo

Here we come to the last entry on the list. Prepostseo is in the list of best plagiarism checker because it is very unique more unique than the other two combined. It’s a relatively new content checker but it doesn’t hide behind paywalls for the full experience.

YES, it is completely free!

That’s one of the checker’s biggest advantages. The other thing is that it has all the same features that the bigger more established websites have. The main thing to keep in mind is that it’s new and you should give the checker some time to improve aesthetics. Other than that, everything else is solid under the hood. The checkers are faster than the average online checkers plus it is completely safe. Its terms and conditions don’t allow it to export the checked content for money.

What’s the catch, right?

Well, the main drawback is the word limit you can only use about 500 words per checks but the number of checks is unlimited. So, it’s like the turtle it will get you there eventually just keep believing! It also has many unique combination features that allow it to multi-task checking documents and makes the whole process faster. It is very accessible to all people so if you have smaller or even larger content to check you must use Prepostseo checker. It has a superb service quality that others just don’t match.


The main thing to take away from this list is that whatever plagiarism checker you use you should always be aware of plagiarism and its various forms. It is a form of stealing and is forbidden in any respected platform. With that in mind, I would say Prepostseo should be a great choice as it is free and does whatever everyone other checkers can do and maybe even more with the coming times.