Benefits Of Learning R Programming

Benefits Of Learning R Programming

Benefits Of Learning R Programming!
A graphics-based programming language used for statistical computing, analysis, and visualizations key aspects in Machine Learning. R is a full-fledged software with Object-Oriented language, support functional & procedural language. Easily programmable code also supports Machine Learning development libraries & tools. R is free and open-source which means users can access it easily and learn from the ASCII text file and can modify it as per their needs.

R is extremely employed in most of the bioengineering, bioinformatics, and biomedical statistics. It gives users access to a substantial number of leading-edge packages, a number of them are RODBC, G-models, Class, and TM enabling easy implementation of Machine Learning algorithms. Some of the benefits of Learning R programming include:

Open-source and freely available:

R is an open-source programing language. this suggests that anyone can work with R with no need for a license or a fee.

Cross-platform compatible:

One in every of the most important advantages of R is that the user can simply run R on several different operating systems and varied Software or Hardware. R will run seamlessly in spite of whether the user is acting on a Linux based, Mac, or a Windows system.

Great Visualisation:

R provides packages like ggplot2, ggvis and many more to create excellent visualizations. These packages help in creating print-quality graphs that can be published in any international magazine.

Vast, vibrant community and resource bank:

R boasts of a huge community to tap into whenever the user needs help. So, he or she can always seek help from people who have worked on similar projects. Users can also collaborate with others to share ideas, work on projects, and compete in Data Science contests.

Statistics and Data Science:

R is the standard language for Statistics and Data Science. R was developed for statistics, by statisticians. it’s been in use even before the word “Data Science” was coined. Statisticians and Data Scientists are most aware of R than the other programing language.

Benefits Of Learning R Programming For Business

Programming Language like R just not helps in the technical fields, it will also be a great help in the business.

  • Here, the main reason is that R is open-source, therefore it may be modified and redistributed as per the user’s need. it’s great for visualization and has way more capabilities as compared to other tools.
  • For data-driven businesses, an absence of information Scientists may be a huge concern. Companies are using R programming as their core platform and also are recruiting trained R programmers.
  • It is prominently called the language of statistics. this is often the most reason, why R is dominant among other programming languages for developing statistical tools.
  • R Programming is employed within the financial domain to make econometric models, analyze fraudulent transactions.
  • It is employed by telecom sectors for Subscriber Profiling, Churn Management, and Personalised advertising
  • It is employed in computational biology to perform genomic analysis.

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