Challenges in Business Analytics

Challenges in Business Analytics

We generate a large amount of data with a minute in this digitalized environment. The volume of data produced in-minute makes it difficult to archive, process, utilize, and interpret the data. Yet big companies fail to find means of making use of this massive volume of info. Currently, as stated earlier, the volume of data generated by major companies is rising at a pace of 40 to 60 percent per annum. Simply processing this huge volume of data won’t be all that helpful and that’s why companies are looking at solutions such as data lakes and large data analytics software that will help them manage big data to a great degree. The following are the major challenges in Business Analytics.

The major challenges in Business Analytics are as follows:

Increase in number of Sources

When data sets become bigger and more complex, bringing them into an analytics framework poses a huge challenge in business analytics. If this is ignored, it creates gaps that result in incorrect communications and observations.

Shortage of Talent for Data Analytics

Data processing is essential in order to render usable this voluminous volume of data that is generated every minute. The immense demand for big data scientists and big data analysts has been generated on the market with the rapid growth in data. It is essential for business organizations, because the role of a data scientist is multidisciplinary, to employ a data scientist with qualifications that are versatile.

Data Secrecy

Gaining valuable insights from Big Data analytics is crucial for business enterprises and it is therefore critical that this intelligence is obtained only through the appropriate team. A major challenge in business analytics posed by the Big Data analytics firms is to successfully bridge this large void.

Handling Large Volumes of Data

It’s not shocking that for every day that passes data is through. It clearly means that business entities need to manage a great regular amount of info. The volume and quality of data available these days will overpower every computer engineer and this is why it is deemed important for brand owners and managers to make data accessibility quick and convenient.

Changing technological Landscape

Each day new technology and businesses are being built with the growth of Big Data. Nonetheless, a major challenge in business analytics posed by big data analytics firms is to figure out which technologies can better match them without new challenges and future threats being added.

Quality of storage and retrieving data

Enterprise companies are increasing rapidly. With the exponential development of the companies and major business organizations, the volume of data generated increases. Storing a large volume of data is now a huge challenge in business analytics for us. Popular data storage solutions such as data lake/warehouses are widely used to capture and preserve vast volumes of unstructured, organized data in their format.

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