Top Big Data Companies 2020

Top Big data companies

Indeed, The term Big Data is hurled around in the business and tech world pretty every now and again. In a nutshell, big data is a huge volume of data that is impossible to manage, maintain, and process easily.

The big data is scaling massively and relentlessly that it has outgrown conventional database and data warehouse solutions, and not only this, Big Data seems like a constantly moving target so it gets hard to tell how big is big data today.


Big data is in the state of evolution and this huge amount of data is critical, rather, more critical is how organizations are going to use this data. Although, a large number of companies have emerged over the years to provide solutions for wrangling huge and exponentially growing data and understanding the relevant information within it.

These Big Data companies provide an analytical platform offering end-to-end solutions for analysts and furthermore, providing people a deep understanding of their data through better visualization.


Top big data companies
Top big data companies

The Big Data companies are stacking the route in data mining and data examination, giving key competitive insight into the present data-driven world.
Here are the top 10 big data companies with next-generation data management technologies that data analysts should keep an eye on in 2020.


Microsoft is one of the top big data companies with its base camp in Washington, USA and it was established in 1975. The firm has extended its big data procedure tremendously with the organization with Hortonworks, and it is quickly developing in the investigation field now. Furthermore, Microsoft’s Big Data technique is wide and developing quick. This technique incorporates an organization with Hortonworks which is a Big Data startup. In addition, this organization gives the HDInsight apparatus to breaking down organized and unstructured data on Hortonworks data stage (HDP)


Google is established in 1998 and California is headquartered. It has $101.8 billion market capitalization and $80.5 billion of deals as of May 2017. Around 61,000 representatives are now working with Google over the globe. Additionally, Google gives incorporated and start to finish Big Data arrangements dependent on development at Google and helps the distinctive association to catch, process, break down, and move data in a solitary stage. One of the best examples of Big Data companies.


VMware established in 1998 and headquartered is in Palo Alto, California. It is notable for its cloud and virtualization yet these days it is turning into a big player in Big Data. Moreover, Around 20,000 representatives are working and it has a Market Capitalization of $37.8 billion as of May 2017. It has a product VMware vSphere Big Data Extension which enables us to deploy, manage, and controls Hadoop deployments. Also, It supports Hadoop distributions which include Apache, Hortonworks, MapR, etc. With the help of this extension, the resource can be used efficiently on the new and existing hardware.


As an American organization, International Business Machines (IBM) has its headquarter in New York. IBM offers stockpiling and server equipment, investigation applications, database programming, and related administrations. Also, IBM has an offer of around $79.9 billion and a benefit of $11.9 billion. In 2017, IBM holds most licenses produced by the business for 24 successive years.


Oracle is a notable firm in the database field and has become the most critical player in the big data field too. Uniquely, It gives a business arrangement that uses Big Data Analytics, applications, and framework to give understanding to coordinations, extortion, and so on.

AMAZON founded in 1994 with headquarters in Washington. As of May 2017, it has a Market Capitalization of $427 billion and sales of $135.99 billion as per Forbes list. The total employee headcount as of May 2017 is 341,400. Moreover, Amazon also provides Business Intelligence, Artificial Intelligence Internet of Things, Data Movement, etc.

DynamoDB Big Data database, the redshift, and NoSQL are data distribution centers and are work with Amazon Web Services. Moreover, it is at the top of the big data companies list.


Splunk Enterprise began as a log analysis device. The big data arrangements offered by Splunk will be Splunk ODBC Driver, Splunk DB Connect, and Splunk Analytics for Hadoop. It is likewise popular for its conclusion analysis. Splunk offers the tools that help in monitoring end to end online transactions and real-time service usage


HP has established itself in the big data field with a robust big data product portfolio. Equally important, its big data software applications allow different organizations to analyze, store and explore data thoroughly.
Moreover, It provides a single environment for structured, semi-structured, and unstructured data. In addition, it has rich media intelligence, visualization, and exploration, and Using the IDOL Natural Language Question Answering power, different organizations are tapping the potential of Big Data.


Founded in 1974 the company has its headquarter in Dayton, Ohio. In the big data companies list, Teradata carries innovation experience of over 35 years. Also, it provides an analytics platform, analytics, and data applications along with consulting and marketing services.


SAP is the largest business software company, headquartered in Walldorf, Germany. It has a Market Capitalization of $119.7 billion with total employee count as 84,183 as of May 2017. Also, it is the biggest provider of the enterprise software application and is one of the largest cloud companies.

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