Big Data Technologies that will flourish in 2020

Big Data technologies expected to flourish in 2020

The future of big data is clear and firm. You may have noticed, technologies like IoT, Machine Learning, artificial intelligence, are slowly making their ways into our daily lives. This is all because Big Data is sitting strong like their backbone. It is estimated that data volumes will continue to grow ever larger in the coming years as well. Hence, Big Data and its technologies will widely flourish across all industries in 2020.

Here are some of the expected Big Data technologies that will flourish in 2020.

Edge Computing

The IoT trend is generating quite some interest in edge computing as well. You can say in some ways, edge computing is the opposite of cloud computing. Edge computing systems analyze data very close to where it was created, that is, at the edge of the network. Instead of passing data to a centralized server for analysis.

An advantage of the edge-computing system is that it reduces the amount of information that should be transmitted over the network. Therefore reducing network traffic and related costs. It also reduces demands on data centers or cloud computing facilities. Hence, it frees up capacity for other workloads and eliminates a potential single point of failure.
The market for edge computing, and more specifically edge computing analytics, is still developing. But some analysts have begun calling this Big Data technology the “next big thing. that is expected to flourish in 2020.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence will soon change data analytics. This Big Data technology will flourish in 2020. By learning from results of past analytic tasks, so that over time, results come faster with much more accuracy. Vast amounts of data, along with analytic results from past queries, will make artificial intelligence provide accurate future predictions based on current events. You may argue that weather prediction models are a form of artificial intelligence. Furthermore, machine learning will support business analytics by identifying probable problems that might not be detected by us. Companies that do not use artificial intelligence for data analytics will fall behind competitors that are using them.

In-Memory Database: a Big Data Technology to look out for

The adoption of in-memory computing is increasing rapidly. This is because businesses seek faster and easy access to data and analytics to make many business decisions. The in-memory database offers the insights they need in order to increase efficiency in operations, finances, marketing, as well as sales.

Improvements in this Big Data technology are occurring and hence, it is becoming more affordable and easier to implement. This makes its widespread adoption inevitable in the future.

According to analysts, the In-Memory Database market will touch around a $10 billion mark by 2020 which is a significant increase from $6.5 billion.

Stream Analytics

Organizations are becoming more familiar with the capabilities of big data analytics solutions. Hence, they have begun demanding faster and faster access to insights. For these enterprises, streaming analytics with the ability to analyze data as it is is something of great value. This is one Big Data technology expected to flourish in 2020 since it are looking for solutions that accept input from multiple different sources, processes it, and returns insights instantly or as close to it as possible.

There are many vendors offering products that promise stream analytics abilities. These include – IBM, SAP, TIBCO, Oracle, SQLstream, Cisco, Informatica, and more.

But the important conclusion is that Big Data is only going to get bigger, and better. Businesses that ignore Big Data technologies will suffer in the long run.

Big Data Technologies expected to flourish

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