Big Data Examples

Big Data Examples

Big Data has completely changed and altered the way in which organizations and businesses work. In this blog, we will dive deep into the main examples of how different businesses use big data.

Obviously, we have faced a lot of difficulties in the study, and the analysis of such a huge volume of data with traditional tools and equipment. Tools like Hadoop truly helped in utilizing big data.

An ever-increasing number of businesses, both big and little, are utilizing the benefits of big data applications. As a result, many of these Organizations find that these advantages can help them grow fast. There are a bunch of upcoming opportunities. Here are some real-world examples of Big Data use:

AMAZON: Shows ads based on what you buy

Just like Facebook and Google, Amazon got into the marketing industry; because of the huge amount of customer data available to it for application. Since its establishment in 1994, the organization has gathered a large amount of data; including information on purchase, the delivery address, payment method etc. Meanwhile, Amazon has started offering many businesses —including marketing companies—access to its advertisement portal, where they can purchase advertisement campaigns and target them to ultra-specific individuals, including past buyers.

GENERAL ELECTRIC: Eco-friendly and Efficient Airplanes

GE’s Flight Efficiency Services is a good example of the use of big data. It is now adopted by Southwest Airlines and used by carriers around the world. It can optimize the usage of fuel, safety, and more by breaking down the massive volume of data planes create. How massive, you ask? One transatlantic flight normally produces 1,000 gigabytes of data. GE’s adaptable analytics takes it all in and does the math on eco-friendliness, climate conditions, passengers, and cargo loads. In conclusion, it is being used in the application of the design of future airplanes.

Netflix: Educated TV Streaming

The big data application is the reason for Netflix’s first unique TV show—the David Fincher political spine-chiller House of Cards—had its foundation in big data. Netflix put $100 million in the initial two seasons of the show, which debuted in 2013, in light of the fact that consumers who viewed the British House of Cards also watched movies made by David Fincher and featuring Kevin Spacey. In conclusion, the prediction that a series featuring all three would be a hit was correct.

Now, after six years, big data impacts which series Netflix puts its resources into, and how they are presented to Netflix subscribers. For instance, viewing history, including the points where a user hits pause in the movie/series, influences everything from what shows up on the home page to the content of the “Popular on Netflix” section. Netflix continues to provide examples of the effective use of big data.

Tempus: Customized Oncology

Tempus’ tablet-based instrument has made file compartments of clinical records accessible and portable. The technology is designed to advise doctors during appointments and it trawls enormous computerized archives of clinical notes, genomic data, radiology scans, and more and turns out data-driven treatment suggestions. Above all, these suggestions are customized based on data from past cases in which patients had the same physical attributes, genetic profiles, and cancer types.

Awake Security: Brain-like Security Technology

Alert’s security framework works somewhat like the human brain. This framework includes sensors that process the data where ever it is stored; in the cloud or inserted in an IoT gadget. Just as our nerves transfer data back to our brain, similarly Awake’s sensors port important notes back to the Awake Hub which is a centralized deep-learning center that can identify threats and intent being unusual data.

Like our mind may sometimes need input, similarly, the Hub sometimes needs outside input to decide the best method, and in some cases, it’s a joint effort with a system of human cybersecurity experts who are up-to-date on the recent techniques and protocols.

Big Data Examples

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