How is Big Data Attacking Coronavirus?

How is Big Data attacking coronavirus?

Coronavirus has caused mass destruction around the world. Who would have thought people would be locked up in their houses at the same time for months. Apart from human lives and health, it has severely affected the economy of countries. With no vaccine till now and people unprepared for such a pandemic, Big Data has played a major role in stopping the spread of coronavirus.

Let’s look at how Big Data is attacking coronavirus.

Contact Tracing

Big Data plays a significant role in contact tracing apps. Contact tracing apps are basically apps that track the places a coronavirus patient visited in the past few days. It also traces the people the patient came in contact with. The app uses GPS, card payments, etc. to track the path of the patient. All the data is stored in databases and is analyzed once a person is tested COVID-19 positive.

Also, contact tracing apps help authorities to alert people who came in contact with the infected person, sanitize the places he/she visited. This app also provides the number of coronavirus patients nearby and the places which are in the containment zone. Aarogya Setu is one such app whose functioning is based majorly on Big Data.


To restrict people from getting out of their houses, telemedicine is enabling people to connect with the healthcare systems sitting at homes. It monitors the developments and status of potential or confirmed cases.

The consultation and treatment are done via video call between the patient and the doctor. All the data relating to the patient and their disease is stored in a database and is advised by doctors on the basis of that.

If the patient needs hospitalization, then this data is transferred to concerned authorities, who make arrangements to transfer the patient to the hospital and seal the surrounding areas.

Information sharing apps

Information sharing apps are loaded with data regarding the safety measures that people need to follow, are being developed. Such apps also track the official number of positive patients, the number of deaths, and the number of recoveries, so that no fake news can be circulated.

Places, where masks, sanitizers, medicine, and other necessities can be found, are listed on these apps. Also, Chatbots use AI and Big Data to assist people to check if their symptoms need medical attention.

Test kits

Many countries faced a shortage of test kits, which affects testing and were not able to contain the spread of the coronavirus. But South Korea is one country that was vocal about aggressive testing that made them contain coronavirus. To meet the requirements of the testing kits, South Korea used AI and Big Data. These two technologies helped companies to design testing kits in three weeks only whereas in other countries it took months.

So, Big Data and other technologies came to the rescue to assist the health care systems and restrict the spread of the coronavirus.

How is Big Data attacking coronavirus?

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