Best mobile learning apps 2020

Best mobile learning apps 2020

It’s never past the point where it is possible to widen your insight, and in the advanced age, data has never been progressively available. Here are the best versatile and mobile learning apps to assist you with pursuing your journey for learning. Utilizing your cell phone or tablet to gain from just bodes well. It’s a gadget that is quite often with you which implies you can take your learning all over the place. Also, there are a metric ton of assets to instruct you what you have to know.

List of the best Android learning apps to increase your knowledge

Some learning apps are better than others however they all accomplish a similar objective of helping you know something you didn’t already have the foggiest idea. Let’s get the state to the matter, these are some of the best mobile learning apps yo have:-

Best mobile learning apps 2020
Best mobile learning apps


Udemy an online service and a marketplace that has a wide range of courses on everything. From digital marketing to personal development. Want to learn how to play guitar? Whether a novice or pro, Udemy has dozens of courses to help in any way. How to Start Your Own Business? Yes, they got it, too.
Note- The Udemy app is free to download, and have to pay for every course taken. Some courses are more expensive and therefore more expensive than the others. The good news is that they often host blowout sales on many of their offerings, allowing people to buy a $ 100-plus course for less than ten bucks.


Similar to Udemy, Linda also has a huge variety of courses across a variety of subject areas. Such as video production or software development and so on. Their app likewise gives the freedom to learn when and where needed most conveniently.
But dissimilar Udemy, Linda’s extensive course library is offered on a monthly subscription basis, allowing a person to take as many courses as each month. That’s because of which it is one of the Best mobile learning apps to have.


Lumosity’s brain exercises help you improve your mental abilities and, learn new things to sharpen the focus, increase your retention ability, and solve problems quite faster and more effectively.
Like the other apps listed in this list, the Lumosity Mobile app is free to download in the device and clearly best-learning apps to have. But, to get the most out of this app, one can subscribe to Lumosity’s monthly service at any time.


Even in today’s digital world or let it be the older days, books are still one of the best ways to learn about anything you can think of.
That’s where the Goodreads comes, With over 40 million members it’s the best learning apps to have, Goodreads is basically a Facebook of books. Whether it be fiction, non-fiction/self-help, their goal is to get the right book in the right hands at the right time.


Looking to learn/speak a foreign language? Whether someone wants to learn Spanish, French, or one of the 12 other languages that are available worldwide, Duolingo’s mobile app is a great way to get started.
Duolingo, this app offers a user-friendly interface, go at your pace system that works well for beginners and advanced speakers.


The Wikipedia app is the center of virtually every subject, any subject, from educators to pop culture to satanic rituals whatever you are thinking it’s there. Students should be warned, however, because anyone that’s anyone on this planet can edit articles on Wikipedia, most of the teachers do not consider it a reliable source of information for articles and other work. In contrast to taking Wikipedia as a source, look at the original sources listed at the bottom of a specific Wikipedia article, and then cite them in your research papers.


The TED Mobile app collects the entire TED videos library in one place for education and enjoyment, and the entire content is free to watch.

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