Weird uses of Artificial Intelligence

weird ai applications

Over 100 million of us have invited Amazon’s Alexa into our homes, giving her unprecedented access and insight into how we live our lives. You need only conduct a simple search online, however, to unearth some truly terrifying Alexa exchanges, such as her demonic, creepy laugh in the dead of night (as per one woman’s account on Reddit).
With this is mind, we have selected our top 5 weird uses of Artificial Intelligence technology to date:

Top 5 weird uses of Artificial Intelligence

1. Telling your fortune

MIT roboticist and artist, Alexander Reuben fed many inspirational internet quotes into an algorithm he designed, the result wasn’t quite what he was expecting. His goal was to coach artificial intelligence to make the generic messaging that you just might find in your everyday biscuit. The result proved to be somewhat more sinister than he had initially envisaged, with 75% of the machine’s fortunes ending up being “very negative”. a number of our favorites include, “A friend could be a wonderful invention; but, nevertheless so could be a whole lie”, “I am a foul situation” and “no one is listening” totally weird use of artificial intelligence application.

2. Brushing your teeth

This could be the craziest and weird uses of artificial intelligence. Kolibree claims to possess invested the primary AI-powered toothbrush. The dental technology company unveiled the device referred to as Ara at CES 2017.
” Deep learning algorithms are attached directly inside the toothbrush on a low-power processor,” explained the founder of the company Kolibree.
The toothbrush is meant for adults, but Kolibree doesn’t want kids to miss out on the fun of dental hygiene. The company also manufactures a toothbrush called Magik that uses augmented reality to assist children to brush their teeth.

3. Brewing beer

IntelligentX is the first in the industry to sell ai brewed beer.
After necking one amongst the company’s four bottled beers, drinkers submit their tipsy thoughts via a web feedback system. Algorithms turn the information into insights that are sent back to the brewery weird uses of artificial intelligence.
Every beer you crack open is another chance to boost the recipe, so bottoms up.

4. Creating inspirational quotes

If you’re struggling to search out meaning in an imperfect world try paying attention to InspiroBo, an AI built to get endless inspirational quotes. At the clicking of a button, the online application will plaster a brand new motivational quote on a fairly picture to assist a lost soul find its place. Sadly the sage isn’t immune from its own existential crises, one amongst which led it to inform Techworld that “the incontrovertible fact that you’re ugly, doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re educated.”

5.Making Perfumes

Artificial olfaction has entered the traditional art of perfumery through a partnership between German fragrance house Symrise and IBM Research. The two have created a brand new method of developing perfumes by analyzing existing fragrance formulas alongside historic sales data to know which sort of individuals were buying each scent. Symrise aimed to sell two AI-designed fragrances in 2019.


AI is making our life easier but we couldn’t believe there are certain weird uses of artificial intelligence applications.
Sometimes funny or weird uses of artificial intelligence applications on projects are like this advisedly. Sometimes they fail, and something unexpected happens. And sometimes it’s only for fun.

Weird AI applications

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