Everyday Applications of Artificial Intelligence

AI applications

Despite being a staple for phantasy fans, artificial intelligence remains one of the popular topics within the world of technology.
From chatbots to recruitment the field has improved because of artificial intelligence is everywhere.
In the following article, we’ll take look at the top 6 applications of artificial intelligence within the world today.

1.Everyday Travel

At some point in our lives, we’d have used navigation service others to seek out our way through without knowing it is one of the applications of artificial intelligence.
For many, it’s a part of the daily lives. Whether it’s the utilization of maps for navigation or employing a taxi-hire service like Uber, you’re using AI-enabled services to travel.
Google, Apple, and plenty of other navigation-related service providers utilize AI because they have to interpret information for navigation.

2. Smart Cars

It is not only companies like Tesla which are at the forefront of using automation in vehicles, but many of the car manufacturers are started integrating applications of artificial intelligence with cars.

Information is being shared and so cars can communicate between themselves and adapt amidst the traffic. Inputs around traffic on road are immediately being transmitted to alert the opposite vehicles on for re-routing.

3. Smart Homes

Alexa and Bixby, come are most likely to come into our mind when one talks of using AI in developing smart homes.
Thermostat devices use of AI to automatically adjust the temperature.
Besides, that AI to conserve energy by automatically switching on/off the lights based on human presence, smart speakers, apps that change the colour of the light based on the time of the day, etc are few of the applications of artificial intelligence in home.

4. Financing services

The applications of artificial intelligence in the bank are as follows, including detection of any fraudulent activity, analyzing the investment trends of consumers, provision of customer services, etc. Banks are one in all the domains that have adopted technological inventions previous most of the opposite fields.
Banking has now moved on from the requirement to travel to a physical space to conduct the operations from your mobile. The notifications received from banks and financial institutions regarding their services and products are also because of AI.

5. Advertisements

Have you noticed while surfing, it’s keeping track of what you are doing online and notifies with such type of content?
The applications of artificial intelligence follow while you surf the internet. AI also uses information associated with demographics, like your age, gender, profession, etc. to work out the adverts of products that almost all likely are your preference.


Apps like Babylon within the UK are also applications of artificial intelligence. Users report their symptoms to the application, which uses voice recognition to match it with a database of illnesses.
It is boon for users like old age people who need to go for regular consulting. Considering the user’s anamnesis, Babylon offers recommended action.


Artificial Intelligence made our lives more really more efficient besides that we have to accept the fact that AI is our daily companion in our day to day life.

AI applications

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