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Driving a car, shopping online, or cooking some delicious ask voice assistant to assist you we do it we treat it as our close buddy. The use of ai isn’t limited to SIRI or Amazon Alexa- it’s gone far beyond you’ll have ever imagined. The below-listed applications are a few popular ai apps.

1. Hound

Hound is one more application that you simply would like to use. Similar to Google Assistant, you’ll be able to use Hound by speaking d obtain the results instantly. Without using your finger or tapping the screen, you’ll be able to activate the app by saying “Ok Hound”. Hound comes in a wide selection of features like you’ll be able to hear your favorite music or video playback curated within the SoundHound playlist. but it, you’ll be able to set multiple alarms simultaneously and set the timer in keeping with your requirements.And hound is definitely one among the unique ai apps.

2. Robin

Robin is another popular AI apps, personal assistant.
Easy to use, Robin allows you to jot down text through voice, get local information, jokes, and GPS navigation without moving your eyes off the road.
Whether you’re trying to find a parking place, traffic status, weather forecast or Twitter News, the app allows you to try to to the maximum amount as you’ll be able its vital app for those who are on the move and don’t want to risk their lives by viewing the screen rather than the road.

3. Cortana

After the launch of Windows 10, Cortana may be a well-known ai apps to any or all. The app, which was available on Windows phone, is now available on Android phones in addition.
It helps you manage tasks that will otherwise need hands to try and do. For instance, you’ll be able to schedule a gathering and therefore the rest is handled by Cortana. Moreover, it is wont to send emails, explore for desired products, or anything you’ll be able to find on the net.


Duolingo is the most-liked language learning based ai apps and also the most downloaded education app in the world, with over a million users. The Duolingo is to form education free, fun, and accessible to any or all.

5. Recent News

This could be a news aggregation app, powered by Artificial Intelligence algorithms that may study your reading habits. it’ll keep you updated on the latest articles, news, and relevant reading stuff in step with your interest and past behavior. Recent News is the best ai apps to remain informed and updated on subjects you like.
It is synchronized with other devices to assist you bookmark articles on your smartphone and browse them shortly other smart devices. Moreover, the convenience of exporting your history and bookmarks will also facilitate your conserve battery by nullifying background activity.


Artificial Intelligence could be smart and effective thanks to saving time and be productive all the way. The above-listed apps can facilitate your explore the power of ai.

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