Brain Gain than Brain Drain says Prakash Javadekar

Over the years, no other country has seen brain drain as much as India. Half of the world runs on Indian Brains including brands like Pepsico, google, Microsoft and Adobe. India is still spending huge on its education system and training skilled minds for job force. Union minister, Prakash Javadekar in his speech acknowledged the same

The union minister addressed the issue during the meet of the Indian Chambers of Commerce in Kolkata.

“We see research scholars who go abroad because of better infrastructure and facilities. We are committed to turn brain drain into brain gain,”


Brain Drain
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 Brain Drain – The measures

The Minister added that a lot of higher education finance agencies has been facilitated and even put in operation. The agencies will provide loans without interest to good institutions to improve their laboratories and research facilities. Along with this he added that The Prime Minister scholarship scheme will provide stipends between Rs. 75,000 – Rs. 1,00,000 every month to research scholars. Uchchatar Abhishkar Yojana’ (UAY) started by the government there are research students are working on customised requirements of industry.

Under Rashtriya Uchcha Shiksha Abhiyan (RUSA), the government is providing Rs.two crore to rural colleges and Rs.20 crore to universities for upgrading their infrastructure. Another scheme of government, ‘Tequip’, which is now in its third phase, aiming to uplift technical education infrastructure. Their special focus is on the institutions of east and north-east.

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The Future

With India being the youngest country and having its massive population comprising of youth, it can’t afford brain drain. India has to have youth, prepared and skilled to take the economy to next level. It is a smart move by the government to address this issue and willing to take action as It is time to start brain gain than brain drain. India needs its skilled youth more than ever