Conflict arises over parking dispute at Amity University: Leaves 2 severely injured

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Two students of Amity University were left with serious wounds after conflicts broke out between two groups on August 28 over a parking issue. Recordings of the occurrence have circulated around the web social media.

Recordings and photographs of the episode began circulating on social media on Tuesday evening, calling for activity against the culprits who beat up students over a minor parking issue. However, the other group has asserted that the two harmed students, Harsh Yadav and Madhav Chaudhary, attacked two young ladies that prompted the occurrence.

Recordings of the conflict at Amity and two young men in their bloodied clothes and faces have turned into a concerning topic on the web.

  • Madhav is admitted in the ICU.
  • Harsh has received seven stitches on his head.

Two cross FIRs have been lodged in the incident.

How the conflict started:

The conflict occurred on August 28 at Amity University in Noida Sector 125. Both the injured people are students of BA Political Science course at the private college.

On August 28, the two students were going to enter the college in their i20 around 2.30 pm when they supposedly found a Ford Endeavor strangely parked at the entry gate. They requested the security personnel to ask the ladies in the SUV to move their vehicle and clear a path. However, the vehicle stayed in its position and both the parties got into an argument.

The two young men claimed to go inside the college with no further conflict. After an hour, the two ladies returned to the college. They then entered the classroom of Harsh and Madhav alongside 25 men.

The group of men started thumping Harsh and Madhav inside the class. A few students and teachers were left harmed.

The gathering of men likewise broke classroom furniture and tossed them at others to cause damage, claimed eyewitnesses.

The students had at this point called up the police and the group of men had fled. Eyewitnesses claim that Harsh and Madhav then left the class to check whether police have arrived, when they were again surrounded by these men. This is the point at which they were beaten mercilessly with rods. The two had sustained grievous wounds.

Then again, the young ladies have claimed that they were harassed and molested by the two young men. Police said they are investigating both the cases that have been held up. They will likewise review CCTV film of the grounds to understand what exactly happened.