Four years as an engineering student

Engineering students spend four years studying their chosen course hoping to make a brilliant career. Those four years are full of studies, activities, and even life lessons. They make you the person you will be for the rest of your whole life. Go on and read our article about Four years as an engineering student

Four years as an engineering student

Four years as an engineering student

Now that you are enrolled in a professional engineering course, get ready for four roller-coaster years ahead. With a mix of anxiety and excitement, you must be thinking how the years would be. Here is a lowdown on what to expect as an engineering student.

First year: This is the time when you meet fellow students and make friends. If you are into a residential college, get to know your surroundings. In terms of studies, a student learns the basics which will come handy in the next three years. Besides, you are expected to do carpeting and foundry which seem like waste. However, take your studies seriously as that would make things easier in the next three years. Apart from studies, be ready to face the seniors and the ragging sessions. But things have become stricter today and you can always report to the anti-ragging cell in case things go overboard.


Second year: Studies become more streamlined and the comfort level in the campus improves. You get to sit in your chosen department. Expect the load of studies to increase and it is advisable to do your best as being KT free helps in the next two years.



Third year: This is the time when you start getting serious about your career. Most students being preparing for CAT or GRE as putting off preparations for fourth year might mean inviting trouble as you would already be burdened by the pressure of placements. Others should look for internships as work experience always helps. You would also need to choose electives by the end of sixth semester.


Fourth year: Last year is about getting a good placement and the final project. But don’t be too worried about placement. Even if you don’t get a good job, don’t panic and rush into anything that comes your way.


Besides all this, these years shape up your personality and inter-personal skills. You also make friends for life. Enjoy these four important years and carve a bright future for yourself.

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