Experience the best hostel life at these engineering colleges

In order to encourage innovation adequately, Entrepreneurship development cells (EDCs) play a major role in any reputed engineering college. It acts as an interface between the industry and the academic world, so that the both of them can be mutually benefited by their respective practices. Go on and read the full article on  hostel life at engineering colleges

 Hostel life at engineering colleges

 hostel life at engineering colleges

Most of the engineering colleges try to nurture the talent in their students, and in doing so, the institutions try to bring out the budding entrepreneurs hidden inside them. Based on the expertise of the students in science and technology, they can design the future. However, this activity is needed to be managed in a proper manner, and for this purpose, nearly all premier engineering colleges have Entrepreneurship development cells (EDCs), which assist students to nurture new ideas for future.


Purpose of EDCs

The primary focus of any EDC is to nurture the culture of innovation and creativity in an institution. In this way, the institution can promote the essence of innovation among the other institutions by arranging several workshops and tech fests. Moreover, EDCs can always work as an interface between the academic institution, organizations, government, and NGOs, like in NIT Durgapur. In this way, the academic institutions can open up and promote several employment opportunities considering the innovations in the fields of science and technology.


What are the functionalities of EDCs?

EDCs are focused at promoting and fostering innovation in the fields of science and technology, and therefore, primarily they conduct several workshops for entrepreneurship responsiveness and entrepreneurship development, and these workshops are majorly focused at the young students, organizations, and faculty members, like NIT Trichy. In order to know more about the industry practices, it is also the responsibility of the EDCs to arrange frequent industry visits, and guest sessions and talks by eminent entrepreneurs in scientific fields, in the similar lines with IIT Kanpur. Above all, it is the sole responsibility of the EDCs to provide the students with proper infrastructure to carry out several projects, and these infrastructures should be able to let the students test, implement, file patent, and access information related to the projects undertaken by them.



For building up an EDC, the academic institution must be at least five years old, and it should be accredited by the statutory bodies. The activity of the students in this section must be supervised by those faculty members, who have ample experience in conducting scientific research

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