Traits of A Good People Officer

Getting a job as an HR professional is not even half the battle won. With the job ratio of employee to HR being as odd as 400:1, one needs to be an exceptional HR professional. Read on as Subhankar Ghose, a People Management Professional with over 16 years of leadership experience shares his insights about HR Industry and their Relevance in modern day employment to help you understand the key traits required of a good People Officer.

Humane Approach

The very term of the profession is tantamount to the most essential trait required – being human. To break it down, Human (being human) Resources (being talent that is resourceful) requires professionals who will be willing to and able to understand the issues and problems faced day in and day out by your employees. You cannot become a good HR professional without being empathetic.

Whenever someone approaches you through phone or email or any medium try to respond to that, rather than follow the contemporary trend of simply ignoring those reaching out. It is from arrogance and ignorance that this defiant attitude crops up amongst HR professionals who begin to exercise the power thrill they have which comes with the mantle of being job givers. It’s a bad habit detrimental to how your professional behavior should be and hence must be avoided.

Reach Out

If you are busy at the moment when someone reaches out to you, it is only proper to leave them a message or email informing them of your next available time and dropping your contact details. This kind of an attitude will help in establishing a connection with employees which will resolve most problems. It will also help professionals gain the confidence of not only senior leaders but also team members and if latter is satisfied they will encourage confidence in seniors also. Do remember, your next job opportunities could most likely come from the same set of people you interact with today. One reference or one wrong word by a person can help make or break your career so it would only be helpful to keep the attitude and behavior in check. Build solid relationships of mutual respect and trust.

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Be Fair and Square

A good HR professional should never be partial and judgmental as such behavioral traits would only be detrimental to their own growth. They would be unable to instill confidence in people which is unfavorable as a People Officer.

There might be situations you have to take hard calls and if your relationship becomes too strong taking hard calls will become difficult as you will be emotionally led

Trying to strike a balance is the key to becoming a great people officer.

About Subhankar Ghose:

Subhankar is a People Management Professional with over 16 years of leadership experience spread across industries. He has been associated with companies like ICICI Prudential, Muthoot Pappachan Group and ABP News Network. He is leading the Human Resource Department responsible for Talent Acquisition, Talent Management, Leadership Development, Compensation & Benefits and Employee Relations. He would be additionally taking care of Administration & Information Technology. He is also a member of ZOOM’s Executive Management Team. He is a Post Graduate in Human Resources and a Bachelors in Electronics & Telecommunication. He is an alumni of IMT, NIT Silchar (formerly REC), Cotton College & Don Bosco School. He is a Life Time Member of Associations like AIMA, NHRDN, NIPM & ISABS (Associate Member).