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  • U.P. move to shift 17 OBCs to SC list ‘unconstitutional’
  • Hong Kong protests undermine rule of law, social order: China
  • Lithium-ion giga units mooted
  • Lessons from Bhutan
  • Don’t blame the litchi: On deaths in Bihar

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IAS Current Affairs and News Analysis 03-07-2019

U.P. move to shift 17 OBCs to SC list ‘unconstitutional’

Part of Prelims and mains GS II constitution and governance

In news

  • The Uttar Pradesh government chose to relist 17 OBCs (Other Backward Classes)in the Scheduled Caste list.
  • Association Ministry for Social Justice and Empowerment contradicted the move of UP government expressing it as unlawful.
  • Under Article 341 sub-proviso (2) of the Constitution, the ability to make changes in the SC rundown lay distinctly with Parliament.
  • Indeed, even the President of India doesn’t have the ability to tinker, adjust or make changes in the rundown.

Hong Kong protests undermine rule of law, social order: China

Part of Prelims and mains GS II International events 

In news

  • Individuals in Hong Kong are fighting over the questionable Extradition Bill.
  • Beijing denies meddling, however, for some Hong Kong inhabitants, the removal of Bill is the most recent advance in a constant walk towards territory control.
  • China denounced vicious fights in Hong Kong as an “undisguised test” to the recipe under which the city is dominated.

“One country two systems” formula

  • The previous British settlement of Hong Kong came back to China in 1997 under a “one nation, two frameworks” recipe that permits opportunities not appreciated in terrain China, including the opportunity to dissent and a free legal executive.
  • 1 July 2019 was the 22nd commemoration of the handover.

About protest in Hong Kong 

  • A huge number of individuals have rampaged in the previous scarcely any weeks to challenge the now-suspended removal Bill that would enable individuals to be sent to terrain China to confront preliminary in courts constrained by the Communist Party.
  • Legal advisors and rights gatherings state China’s equity framework is set apart by torment, constrained admissions, and discretionary detainment.
  • The business, discretionary and lawful networks dread the consumption of the lawful self-sufficiency of Hong Kong and the trouble of ensuring a reasonable preliminary in China.

Lithium-ion Giga units mooted

Part of Prelims and mains GS III Science and Tech, Industry

In news

  • To push the appropriation of electric portability in the nation, government think-tank NITI Aayog has proposed the foundation of giga industrial facilities in India for the assembling of lithium-particle batteries in the following couple of years.
  • The suggestion is a piece of the Aayog’s highly discussed recommendation that lone electric (lithium-particle or other propelled battery science just) three-wheelers would be sold in the nation after March 31, 2023, and every single new closeout of bikes underneath 150cc would be electric post-March 31, 2025.
  • It is a dawning industry and India expected to begin building abilities to turn into an all-inclusive aggressive player around there.



TOPIC: General studies 2

  • Issues relating to the development and management of Social Sector/Services relating to Education, Human Resources.

Lessons from Bhutan


  • Bhutan has as of late declared a strategy wherein Bhutan’s instructors, specialists, and other therapeutic staff will gain more than government workers of relating grades.
  • This is a novel move as no other nation has concurred instructors and specialists such pride of spot in its taxpayer-supported organization, both as far as compensation and imagery.

About the policy

  • The approaches have been alluded to in Bhutan’s twelfth Five Year Plan (2018-23), distributed by its Gross National Happiness Commission, the nation’s most noteworthy strategy-making body.
  • The commission’s methodology is to accomplish wanted national results through training. The system opens with the documentation, “settling on showing a calling of decision”. Thusly the proposition plans to accomplish the nation’s human formative targets.
  • The choice additionally comes in the wake of significant levels of educator wearing down. Obviously, the legislature has detailed the arrangement to place a stop to such a fall in quantities of educators.


  • According to the Organization for Economic Co-activity and Development’s (OECD) Program for International Student Assessment (PISA), there is an unmistakable relationship between’s understudy results in a nation and the status that its instructors appreciate.
  • Further, as of now, Bhutan spends about 7.5% of its GDP on instruction. The financial ramifications of the new pay structure are hazy at this point.
  • OECD’s ‘Training at a Glance 2018’ report says that “The nature of instruction can be a solid indicator of a nation’s financial flourishing”.

Can India afford a similar policy?

  • India presently spends about 3% of its GDP on training, representing about 10% of the Center’s and States’ budgetary costs and compensations of educators and other staff establish an enormous segment of this use.
  • The NITI Aayog in its report a year ago prescribed that India raise this to 6% of GDP by 2022.
  • Paying educators essentially more significant compensations may appear to be a troublesome errand, yet the Central and State governments could consider supporting both instructor enlistment and assignment of assets to existing programs.
  • A few projects may have outlasted their motivation, while others could be better coordinated. Truth be told, improving responsibility in the framework could prompt a decrease in cost.
  • A World Bank study found that instructor non-appearance in India was almost 24%, which costs the nation about $1.5 billion every year.
  • Non-appearance could be the aftereffect of numerous components, including instructors taking up a subsequent activity or cultivating to help salaries, giving parental or nursing care without emotionally supportive networks, or lacking inspiration.
  • Thus, the motivation of an alluring salary with solid responsibility can help moderate numerous ills that plague the framework, free monetary space and help meet significant national formative targets.
  • Further, actualizing an arrangement might be simpler in a littler State, for example, Delhi.
  • Instruction is a key center zone for the Delhi government; the State puts 26% of its yearly spending plan in the segment (substantially more than the national normal).
  • The organization has additionally taken a shot at improving educator inspiration as a system for better instructive results. The base has been set.
  • Additionally, since the State is exceptionally urban and well-associated, it is simpler to implement responsibility measures.


  • No venture that empowers an informed, solid, capable and cheerful network can be regarded excessively high by any general public.
  • Improving instructor status by offering first-class pay rates to draw in the best to the calling could be that progressive approach venture forward, which Bhutan has demonstrated a readiness to take.

Connecting the dots:

The nature of training can be a solid indicator of a nation’s financial thriving. Substantiate.


TOPIC: General studies 2

  • Issues identifying with the advancement and the board of Social Sector/Services identifying with wellbeing, and so on.

Don’t blame the litchi: On deaths in Bihar


Muzaffarpur in Bihar is well known for litchis and scandalous for youngsters kicking the bucket because of yearly regular mind infection episodes.


  • The basic cerebrum ailments in kids with high mortality are meningitis, encephalitis, and encephalopathy.
  • These three have obvious contrasts and altogether different medications. Prepared pediatricians realize how to recognize the three.
  • On the off chance that symptomatic criteria are not applied for different reasons, at that point, the three are not recognized by specialists.
  • That is the point at which a simple symptomatic term covering every one of the three — “intense encephalitis disorder” (AES) is utilized.

Viral attack or Encephalopathy

The disease description;

  1. Just under-fed youngsters are influenced;
  2. Just kids somewhere in the range of two and 10 years are influenced
  3. The beginning of seizures and obviousness is consistently between 4 am and 7 am

These are clear pointers against any infection contamination causing the ailment. Infections, including JE, don’t regard dietary status, age, and diurnal cadence.

Encephalopathy (Brain disease)

  • The early morning beginning and continuous finding of low blood glucose levels (hypoglycemia) point to a biochemical malady identified with glucose digestion.
  • A few hours after nourishment consumption (early morning) is the point at which the body will, in general, create hypoglycemia.
  • What’s more, there is mind-expanding brought about by dangerous harm to synapses — encephalopathy, explicitly, “hypoglycaemic encephalopathy”.
  • In the event that the fasting interim is longer than 6-7 hours since certain kids were not given a night feast, the circumstance turns out to be increasingly serious.
  • Malnourished kids don’t have glucose saves in the liver, which exacerbates the situation.
  • Additionally, numerous kids have alluded to Muzaffarpur therapeutic school, and the long deferral in coming to there brought about numerous passings. Anticipation is straightforward, as is treatment.

Prevention is possible

  • In 2016 and 2017, a straightforward mediation — all grass-root wellbeing laborers reliably showing country families not to enable youngsters to rest without a prepared feast — had cut down the case numbers radically.
  • In the event that specialists had treated the wiped out and oblivious youngsters with a 10 percent glucose mixture inside four hours of beginning, every one of the kids would have recuperated.
  • The high blood glucose level made with 10 percent glucose really turns off the unsaturated fat oxidation cycle quickly, so not any more amino acids amass to further harm synapses.

Malnutrition and Litchies

  • The outer improvement that hinders the unsaturated fat oxidation cycle for glucose amalgamation is methylene cyclo-propyl glycine, present in the eatable mash of litchies.
  • Regularly sustained youngsters or grown-ups experience the ill effects of litchis. Just when lack of healthy sustenance and avoiding the night dinner meet up does the litchi eaten the earlier day become the issue that crosses over into intolerability.
  • The socio-conduct hazard elements are the genuine reason for the flare-up.
  • Where litchi plantations and gross lack of healthy sustenance are not superimposed, as in Punjab and Haryana, hypoglycemic encephalopathy isn’t an issue.

Way forward

Following interventions can reduce the impact of outbreak;

  • Preparing of the specialists for quick treatment
  • Increment inaccessibility of medicinal services benefits inside the compass of patients
  • Controlling the lack of healthy sustenance
  • Tending to the socio-conduct hazard factors

Connecting the dots:

The flare-up of “intense encephalitis disorder” in Bihar is a preventable social insurance debacle. remark.


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Q.1) “one country, two systems” formula recently seen in news is related to,

  1. North Korea and South Korea
  2. China and Tiwan
  3. China and Hong Kong 
  4. None of the above

Q.2) Consider the following statements

  1. Under Article 341 sub clause (2) of the Constitution, the power to make changes in the Scheduled castes’ list lay only with Parliament.
  2. Any such changes require prior recommendations of state government

Select the incorrect statements

  1. Only 1
  2. Only 2
  3. Both 1 and 2
  4. Neither 1 nor 2

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