Blitzschlag 2018 – Annual cultural fest of MNIT Jaipur

Blitzschlag- Annual Cultural Fest

Blitzschlag is the annual cultural fest of Malaviya National Institute of Technology (MNIT), Jaipur – Rajasthan. It is one of the large college festivals of India which has reminisced,a successful history over the past decade.This was the 11thedition of the fest and was held for a span of three days i.e. from 2ndFebruary to 4thFebruary 2018, with great footfall and many major participating colleges across the country. The theme of the festival this year was Troves of Mystique’. The festival was loaded with Professional Shows, Fun Competitions and Events, Workshops, Pronites, EDM Nights, Concerts and much more. The events which were held were categorized under: Literary, Film and Photography, Music Dance & Spic Macay, Concevoir, Quizzing, Drama, Entrepreneurship Eclectic, Informals, Block Buster’s and the Pronites.

The team of Blitzschlag 2018 consists of student volunteers who work for a social cause and to promote resourcefulness and imagination. The team was divided into two parts i.e. The Core Team and The Developer Team; where the Core Team included several departments under their respective heads mainly- like Finance Secretary, Marketing Secretary, Logistics Secretary, Media and Communications Secretary, Cultural Secretary, Technical Secretary, Design Secretary and the General Secretary with the Advisor headed by the President and the Vice President while in the Developer Team was the Web Master. However, any event is impossible without the sponsors, so the few of the event associates and sponsors of Blitzschlag 2018 were: Title Sponsors- Vivo; Powered By- 9xm; Event Title Sponsors- Marshall, Redwopand Zebronics; Associate Sponsors- Mtv Beatsand Vh1; Food Partners- Nibs, Ghungroo Seth Vada Pav, Belgian Waffle, Eggdee, Student Puri, Andhra Bhavan Restaurant, Hyderabadi Dum Biryani, The Belgian Fires Company, Urban Bites, Full Toss, Hey Dosa, Subway, Molly Moo, TGIBand The Raj Jaipur; Technology Partner- Auriga; Education Partners- Engineers Academy, Gate Forum, IES Master, the Gate Academy, IMS and Kings Education; Ruby Partner- Dainik Bhaskar; Bike Rental Partner- Onn Bike; Party Merch Partner- Astronomia Shoppe; Foot Wear Partner- Da Label; Media Partner- Abraxas; Health Care Partner- Clove; Make Up Partner- Lakme; Beauty Partner- VLCC; Grooming By Partner- VLCC Institute; Fitness Partner- Anytime Fitness Gym; Styling Partner- Jawed Habib; Travel Partner-Cox & Kings; Merchandise Partner-Festee; Online Registration Partner- Townscript; Magazine Partner- Creativicaand The Youth Chronicles; Online Media Partner- Being Student, Born To Be Engineer, Campfestiva.Com, Collegedesk.In, Fest.Info, Festpav.Com, the Education Tree, Frapp and India Education and Allevents.In; Blog Partner- Blogadda.Comand Jaipur City Blog; Other Sponsors- POP and Grabonand many more.


The Food Festival is one of Jaipur’s luscious and mouth-watering food events, celebrating the joys of food, music and ambience. The appeal and charisma of the Festival are now held in the heart of MNIT, where the regionals present their condiments alongside flavorsome taverns from across India. The Festival also supports a strong cultural component with several folk performances and fusion of art and talent. The Food Festival will lead you from the Jammu & Kashmir’s Rogan Josh of the northern valleys to the delicious Appam from Kerala; from the lucracious Dal-Baati- Churma of the west to the mouth-watering Swadesh straight from the holy bank of the Ganges.


Blitzschlag 2018 was declared open in the morning with the Opening Ceremony leaded by the commencement of various activities including the Competitions And Events, Workshops, the Pronites and more. The events were loaded with performances from every dimension and many genres with wide range of events; be it art, dance, photography, street plays, fashion shows and what not!? Great numbers of events in various cultural genres were held and many international artists have also performed in Blitzschlag MNIT Jaipur. The three day carnival was a complete package with hell lot of surprises and celebrity aplenty. However the highlights of the festival were activities like the English Poetry Workshop, Limitless, Cutshots, Official Film Screenings, Vine-O-Mania, Director’s Faceoff, Destho, Illuminate, Panama-the hat making competition; Handshake, the Cubing Festival, Capture the Flag, Flashmob , Pink City Open 2018, Sher Locked, Corporate Roadies, Slow Biking, Poker Championship, Turn Table, Iski Kismat Tum Kya Jaano the eventthat challenged every aspect of buying, selling, estimating and advertising; Chitra Katha (Photography Competition),Follow the Lucifer-to find and collect new things and an interesting game that challenged the ability to interpret commands and rely on the sense of touch; Mr. & Ms. Blitz, Rockord, EDM Night; while the events which were held on all the three days were: the MNIT Film Festival, MUN, Photo Exhibition-Moments, Blindfold Pillow Fight, Loon Balloon, React & Act, Poke A Balloon, Devil Follows, Start with 50, Market Mayhem, Shipwreck, Escape Room, Turn Coat, GOT + Friends Quiz, Tongue Twisters and more.

DAY ONE- 2nd February, 2018

The cool spring morning brought us to the first day of Blitzschlag 2018 which included several competitions, events and activities like: the Ramba Samba Prelims, B.O.B. Prelims and Finals, Picturesque (English Creative Writing), Bhaav Ankur (Hindi Creative Writing), the General Quiz, Voice Choice-which was a highly fueled unmissable Music competition and an opportunity to unite all lovers of rhythm and to unleash that bathroom singer within you; Enigma(a Film & Photography Event), Kaavya Kriti (Hindi Poetry Prelims), Mad Ads(the Drama Event), Out of the Block Workshopwhich was a Concevoir event of the Printing Blocks of Rajasthan; Sew It Up– which was a freestyle outfit designing competition; Dhun(a Musical Instrument Event), Kala Sangam-Prelims and much more.Rockoprd-The Battle of the bands or should we say the musical extravaganza of the year, it  was held and gave the performances that made everyone groove and crave for more, with the promising music, massive choruses, catchy hooks and bone rattling breakdowns; Battle Of Bands oozed the sultry guitar driven hooks with head turning vocals that brought out the 90s alt rocker and shook everyone up with a modern day swagger. The major highlight of the day was the EDM Night, the blasting part of the day and it was preceded by the electrifying performances of Teri Mikoand Bass Pundits. Teri Miko who is one of the most prominent DJ and a well known electronic producer and the Bass Pundits-the outstanding DJ duo of Ahemdabad and the upcoming music producers.They rejuvenated everyone with the music and the bass; theawesomeness quotient that they added to Blitzschlag was amazing as they lighted up the atmosphere with their heart throbbing performance so much that the audience couldn’t stop grooving to the beats and their concert didn’t fail to give the day, the perfect ending.

DAY TWO- 3rd February, 2018

Day two of Blitzschlag was full of surprises as it included various activities like the Rubik’s Cube Competition, the Ramba Samba Finals, Scribble(Story Writing Competition), the Movie Quiz, Just A Minute-JAM, Startup Nivesh which was a rollercoaster ride into the financial kingdomand an event to discover a variety of startups, big money, stock IPOs, market swings; Tamasha(Nukkad Natak), Advitiya(Monoacting), Lilliput Miniature Model Challengewhich was a competition that celebrated beauty in its compact form; Wire Wizard, The Trestle– a challenge to build the longest Cantilever structure, Panel Jury Design Competition, Toontastic – the Cartooning Workshop andthe Awaaz Studios Performance Poetry Workshop with Bappadittya Sarkarand Ankush Nagpal; who certainly gave a power packed workshop as they taught everyone the most essential thing about poetry- making a footprint. The last event of the day was Panache i.e. the Fashion show, which was certainly a great opportunity for the participants to show off their sizzling outfits; girls with those pencil heels and guys who flaunted their abs. the show- Panache Dèfilè De Mode 2018judged by the very stunning Mr. Mayank Madan undoubtedly, rocked the stage beautifully with glamour

DAY THREE- 4thFebruary, 2018

The last day of Blitzschlag 2018 MNIT Jaipur started with a great blend of Competitions and Events, Workshops, Literary Events, Music, Dance and more. Among these were Breakfree(a talent hunt event), Slam Storm-a unique opportunity to let the poetry flow without restriction, Space Designing, Word, Nrityanjali (The Classical Dance Competition), Rangbhoomi which was the complete composition of the overpowering emotions, heartfelt dialogues and path-breaking concepts, Sports Quiz, Aspire B Quiz, the closing ceremony of MUN, Artography which was a mixture of Art & Photography and the participants were given a particular space where different type of objects and artistic things were available and were asked  to click photographs with half an hour using the skills as an art such as Transparency, High speed, color effects and others;Save the Egg, Wire Wizard,Kavya Kriti-Finalsand more.The finals of the competitive events were held on this day including the Blindfold Pillow Fight, Loon Balloon, Poke A Balloon, Devil Follows, Start with 50, Market Mayhem, Shipwreck, Escape Room, Turn Coat, GOT + Friends Quiz and the Tongue Twisters. The winners were henceforth awarded with the prizes. However, the other events of the day were: Handshake, the Cubing Festival, Capture the Flag, Flashmob, Pink City Open 2018, Sher Locked, Vine-O-Mania, the English Poetry Workshop and more.


How could the last day of Blitzschlag 2018 MNIT Jaipur end without the Pronitei.e. the Bollywood Night, Main Celeb Performance, the third and the biggest of all the Pronites. It was headlined by none other than, the very versatile singer and composer; Krishnakumar Kunnuth, popularly known as KK.His performance gave Blitzschlag 2018 the perfect ending as his concert was jam-packed with an ecstatic crowd; his music stunned everyone with the audience falling in love with the mind blowing melodies, eclectic beats and a performance that swept everyone off their feet.

The Troves of Mystiqueof the 11thedition of the Blitzschlag – The annual cultural festival of MNIT Jaipur, 2018came to an end; leaving behind memories for everyone to cherish all their lives and to grow, gain and learn. The delightful ride of this festival came to an abeyance until Blitzschlag 2019.