How to get funding for startups right after college?

You need the right mix of skill and credibility to prove your worth to the investor. You can do it through various media but the first step is always to be sure about what you are trying to sell. If you can sell it to the investor, you’re half way there.


funding for startups


Entrepreneurs don’t necessarily invest in products, they invest in teams. This is what makes the businesses flourish. If you are just starting up after college, you should read on what and how you can get the funds you desire for your start up. Not everyone has a family that’s ready to support them with a big balance.

Get a specialization


MBAs pick up funding and how! Investors want credibility when it comes to your profile. If you are an MBA from a good college, they would want to invest in you as they look at you as a promising candidate. It’s not like this is always the case, but in most stories, you’ll see that investors find good college students a safe venture.

Brand helps


It is a known fact that among the best tier of engineering colleges, BITS Pilani and IIT lead the pack. According to stats, more than a third of all founding members are from these premier institutes. So basically, pedigree matters. This is because these institutes have alumni at top levels in most firms. This is enough to ensure their credibility. LimeRoad was started by a young entrepreneur after she did her Masters from LSE.

Degrees not always, but skill


Many have started e-commerce and professional local services without those degrees or engineering backgrounds too. There have been a few B.Com/BA and CA tech entrepreneurs. If you look at some kickass start ups like Flashnotes, it’s an online student-to-student place for buying and selling class study material. The concept was started by Saurabh Jain and it raised $1.5m seed funding in 2013. Although the concept is by an IIT graduate but what counts more is the experience he had in the field.


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